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Teach us the truth.

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"We can’t act effectively to tackle a crisis if we don’t know its full depth and extent"

Bill McGuire - Climate Scientist
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This is your chance to revolutionise the youth climate movement in the UK.

The Plan

On Thursday 14th March, secondary school students from across the UK took action at school, but the fight's not over. We are growing and we have one demand:

Teach us the truth. 

Our current education is inadequate.

Why are we taking action?

The climate and ecological crisis is here and we are not being taught the Truth about it and its effect on our future. It's only mentioned as the odd topic in Geography and Science, despite it being the single most significant crisis of our age. The curriculum only uses weak descriptions undermining the scale of the crisis, nor does it link all the causes to the effects. It should be present in every subject, yet some teachers don't even have the know-how, while the curriculum does not mandate the necessity to teach it. 

We have had enough.

We want to be taught the truth.

The education system is failing a whole generation of children with its vague, inconsistent and often non-existent teaching of the climate and ecological crisis and the injustices, politics and economics that made it possible; we want changes at governmental level and we want them now. They are stealing our future and we are fed-up with the cover-up!

Get Involved!

We demand the Department of Education
to enact curriculum change.

We delivered a letter to the DofE on 2 March 2024. We met in parliament square. 

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