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It's not too late.

The climate and ecological crisis rages on- critical tipping points are already being passed, and average monthly temperatures have soared far above 1.5C (compared to pre-industrial levels). Disinformation is rampant, and governments are cracking down on protest harder than ever. But we can still change: solutions like renewable energy cost nearly half as much as fossil fuels, while more and more students are becoming aware of the crisis. Wins are happening left and right- climate litigation victories like Held v. Montana, voting wins in Ecuador for the Yasuni, and even COP28, despite minute progress in phasing out fossil fuels, brought food (systems) onto the table and mobilised the loss and damage fund. We have the solutions, and people want change. What we must do now is unite for action.

Who are we?

We are Students For Survival, a new group led by secondary school and sixth form students from across the UK who have had enough of inaction on the climate crisis. We demand the education system Teach Us The Truth. In today’s rapidly-evolving society and deteriorating climate, we cannot be taught information just to sit an exam- then forget it all immediately. We want the truth laid plainly: something we will value and remember for the rest of our lives, reflecting the current society we live in. And we are willing to stand up, educate ourselves, and take action to ensure all others of our generation are also taught the truth. Join us and stand up!

What can we (and you!) do?

Instead of skipping school to protest- we'll listen to 'the adults' and go back to school. The action is the 'survival sleepover': a sit-in where you stay after school, until the evening or preferably overnight. This demands action from your school, and at scale requisitions government action.


During the sit-in, use the time to connect with each other, discuss the climate crisis and other issues like eco-anxiety and climate justice; and do fun activities like playing games, screening documentaries and making banners. Make it fun and a positive experience in which students can feel supported and part of something impactful.

There are zoom calls on Thursdays and Mondays which you can sign up for here. These will get you involved in the group and tell you more about us and our actions. In order for our actions to be impactful we need as many people as possible- so act in your own school in whatever way you can! Being involved is also a way for you to have fun and meet like-minded people but most importantly, we want to reclaim our education- and there’s no young person to whom this can’t apply to!

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